2018: Our year in review

2018: where to start? In the wider creative sector, agencies came and went – particularly went – while we marked 22 years in the business.

We’re still overdue for our 21st birthday party though, so let’s not say too much about that.

We moved into Bermondsey and the wonderful Brand 42 became our landlords. As winners of the Grand Prix of the Webby’s and every other worthwhile digital award going, national and global, they’re great people to have nearby.

Still can’t quite believe that this unassuming bunch were the people whose innovative rebrand of the Daily Mail site took it from 6th largest newspaper site in the UK to the biggest in the world.

(If you’re surprised that we’ve digressed from talking about our own 2018 to boost another agency, well, that’s otherness. We try not to do what everyone else would.)

But if you insist on asking about our own year, there are one or two reasons to take quiet satisfaction from 2018. It marked the fifteenth (ish) consecutive year in which our projects have won serious global awards (‘ish’ as 15 is something of a guesstimate. The memory gets a little hazy before 2003: it’s about right).

And we did it by doing what many people would have thought impossible – it’s so much fun to do that. It would take paragraphs to explain what it achieved properly here and this is only supposed to be a short review, so drop us a line if you want to know more. It’s worth hearing: the campaign in question is arguably one of the most effective ever run.

The team kept life interesting: a tradition that goes back a lot longer than 15 years but is also hazy in places. Nadia got engaged and Illy had a baby. Sally-Ann came back from maternity leave. Adam was, as always, Adam. Selina joined us as an intern.

We marked our 21st year working with Freedom From Torture, our first client, and they were joined by new clients as diverse as Aggreko and the Brain Tumour Charity. Octopus Energy went from strength to strength – we helped a little – and… well, maybe all that is more interesting to us than you. Let’s just say that we’re delighted and love working with a fantastic set of clients – thank you.

Above all, it was a year of projects about which, for one reason or another, we’re unable to talk. So maybe I should just finish the round-up now? Come and ask us what we’ve been up to instead. That’s a much better idea.

Except that we haven’t mentioned Brexit. How can any 2018 review be complete without that? We noticed it. Maybe we did something. We’ll leave it there.