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We prefer new and different to tried and tested. You can't make things better without doing things differently.

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About us

We are the agency of the untrodden path. 32 people with over 250 years of experience. Unilever and RBS and Sky and Ordnance Survey and Freedom from Torture and 25 other clients.
An 18 year-old agency with a start-up's spirit. 2013's Most Innovative Company at the New York Women in Business Awards. A business whose first client is still here. Friday Food and Pearl's laugh. Founders leading projects for clients and making tea for colleagues. Inspiring ideas in digital, film, social, print and face-to-face. Branding, internal communications, charity fundraising, advertising, online content. A yellow pencil. A gold Stevie award. A grade A credit rating. A big agency that just happens to be small. 

This is other.

Definitely not for idiots

Disruption works

They saw their ideal customer as being a confident, challenging and confrontational entrepreneur who would invest in new unlisted equities online. Which is exactly how we saw their ideal launch campaign.


Helping OS change the landscape of mapping

Nobody knows Britain better than Ordnance Survey. They’ve mapped our landscape in extraordinary detail since 1791. Today they’re more accurate than ever, updating their products every seven minutes.

When they turned to us to help bring their brand equally up-to-date, we felt a great responsibility. We gave it the firmest foundations. Semiotic analysis, research and stakeholder interviews all gave invaluable insights.

Today, (9th February), we’re proud to announce Ordnance Survey is launching its new brand to the world. Ordnance Survey has become OS. The organisation has a new vision. New mission. New values. And a new, innovative ‘living’ logo.

OS now has a brand that will help it explore new markets, new channels and new possibilities. A digitally integrated brand that will help it engage partners, investors and government departments as well as walkers and cyclists. A brand that will be as powerful on sites and screens, as on jackets, planes and, of course, maps. 

OS rebrand brand launch Ordnance Survey

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Freedom from Torture wanted to show how baking can be therapeutic for torture survivors. So we created the campaign, developed a blogger-led social media strategy and organised a bakesale to show our support.

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