Legal and compliance is a minefield for many companies – especially Alphasights, whose staff and clients deal with highly sensitive information every day. Make a compliance mistake and not only can multi-million deals be lost, but anti-corruption investigations could be launched. Yet, even though it’s vital, who has time to read a 50-page compliance document?

Alphasights’ challenge to us was as simple as it was difficult: condense 50 pages of must-read legal jargon into a clear, professional and sophisticated animation that would convey the necessary information in minutes – and so ensure clients and employees were fully aware of their legal position.


The animation is intended for Alphasights clients who are seeking to access Alphasights’ extensive network of industry professionals. It aims to simplify the compliance process for everyone – ensuring that clients feel reassured that all the necessary legal considerations have been met, and that internal staff know what their legal responsibilities are.