Broadband For America


Broadband for America is a coalition of consumer groups, suppliers and ISP providers that have joined forces to stop a bill being passed by the Senate that would drastically change internet regulations to achieve Net Neutrality. BFA’s argument is that this bill will be voted on without any meaningful debate and could stifle the entrepreneurial culture that has made the internet so great up to this point. Our challenge was to make a bill, that most of the public didn’t really know or care about, a meaningful issue in their eyes and inspire them to petition Senate members to vote against it.


We created a video that celebrates the achievements of the internet, showcasing some of the pioneers that have heavily influenced it. By doing this we highlight that its success was only achieved with the very entrepreneurial spirit and freedoms that the government now want to restrict. It shows that the bill would enforce regulations conceived in 1934, intended for phones and radio communications, on today’s internet.


We were able to engage the public on both sides of the debate to think again and what was meant to be a landslide victory for the other side only scraped through Senate with such a narrow majority that a second vote has now been called.